Nonprofit Campaign VisD & UX

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Creating a new campaign from print to web

While working with an international nonprofit design I was asked to design a campaign for a new suite of funds. The goal was to use the brand colors to create a unique but cohesive visual system. I was asked to create complementary branding to create a visual system for the campaign based on the organization's brand guidelines. I was also asked to do UX and visual design of a companion website.

The first step in the process was to take the current corporate brand guidelines and use those to guide the look and the feel of the new campaign. Each of the five funds was given a color and unique icon for visual identification.

Working as a UX design team of one

Next, I began by getting persona information from a recent corporate site redesign. I then narrowed those down to the relevant personas for this project and validated those with the donor relations team members whose donors would be the target for the project.

With my final personas complete, I moved forward with creating user flows for my understanding of the project. Working from there I created wireframes of the site.

Building out website in WordPress

After testing the click-through wireframes internally, I moved forward with creating the visual elements for the website. Eventually I built out the website using WordPress — careful to make sure the site was fully responsive.

Wrapping up the print design for the campaign

To wrap up the project, I created the print collateral for the campaign using the colors, icons and styles I had already created. The request for deliverables included five fund booklets, as well as a trifold timeline brochure.