Billing Sprint for Usability

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Billing noted as a key customer issue

While working with an international company, I became involved with an effort evaluate and find a solution for a major customer pain point - Billing. In a recent NPS survey the billing process arose as a major source of customer pain due to the confusing and unwieldy bills.

Google Sprint identified as a good framework for a "voice of the customer" workshop

Our first steps were to organize a Google Sprint style workshop to map the issues, sketch and create a prototype of the bill and test with customers - in 5 days.

My roles as a facilitator and visual design expert

The sprint team was comprised of 5 leaders in key areas, such as billing, technology, customer relationships and marketing. As a co-facilitator and the visual design expert, I had a key role to play.
On day one, we discussed the big picture and set a long term goal. Then we created a map of the current process. Finally, on Monday afternoon we showed our map to experts around the company and got feedback on its validity.
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Leading the team through the sprint — sketching

Next, I led the team in looking for examples of great designs and experiences. After capturing elements that the team found compelling, we began sketching. 
After more than a day of individual sketching, team voting and iteration. The best ideas were surfaced and decided on for prototyping.

Finding the best solution and testing it

Finally, I created a prototype of the bill in Adobe InDesign using the sketches to guide my design.
On the last day of the sprint, we talked with a few customers about the new bill prototype. We got great feedback to confirm our trajectory.

“This is the statement I was hoping for.
I can’t find anything wrong.”

“I’m already impressed. This is fantastic.”

“I like the account details, even though it is details, it is very simple.”

“Perfect. It’s gorgeous.”